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Tufawon's official logo

Tufawon (2 for 1) is a Dakota/Boricua singer/songwriter, producer and teaching artist from Minneapolis. His name represents mixed identity, and his music is an honest reflection of his life experiences and personal struggles, his hopes and dreams for the future, spirituality and connectedness to the land, love, and the realities of the world we live in. He has put his life on the line to protect water and our planet. Not only is he dedicated to making music at the highest quality, he is an active youth worker, teaching what he knows and setting the bar high for the next generation of songwriters. 

Musically, he continues to reinvent his style and sound and you can hear this clearly in his 2022 release Until The Sun Comes Up, a full length album of love songs he wrote through his experience with heartbreak. He sang over every song, and produced the entire record. The production style is a blend of dancehall, reggaeton and afrobeats influences. This was a defining moment in Tufawon's career as he can now call himself a singer songwriter and not solely a hip hop artist. His latest album Waiting For You (2023) reaches new heights, as he sings over R&B and trapsoul production in ranges he’s never sung in before. You can hear this in his song Dreamy where he introduces his falsetto style. The album is not just a love album. It’s about distance. The yearning for love and waiting for the right moment with the right person, and being sure that the decision to commit to someone is the right one. A more mature approach to love. The singer songwriter continues to reach milestones in his singing, and will stay dedicated to the craft for years to come. 


The past few years have been incredibly active for the hip hop artist and activist. He continues to tour in and out of the country, performing at a high level. After being awarded the Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship a few years back, one of his biggest accomplishments to date, he continues to live out his dreams of being a full time artist. He participated in the inaugural First Nations SongHubs, where he recorded with Indigenous artists from around the globe at the world famous Abbey Road Institute in Melbourne, Australia. He was also featured on the Breakfast Club and Hot 97 Ebro In The Morning speaking on issues that affect Indigenous communities. He completed his first headlining hip hop tour in Europe “Resilience", and he continues to stay active in his community. He’s an active member of ALLSZN, a collective of Native teaching artists that travel through Turtle Island teaching youth songwriting, recording, and artist development. From fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock to organizing efforts to Stop Line 3, to speaking at the United Nations in Geneva Switzerland and doing several tours around the world, he continues to live out his message and impact the world in a profound way. 


Tufawon is currently in the final recording phase of his next album Waiting For Me, A follow up album to his most recent release Waiting For You.

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